Where to eat in LA?

As an LA Local, I'm sharing some of my favorite spots to eat/drink. Whether you're visiting, or living in La La Land, enjoy and please comment below if you have any recommendations/questions!

Where to eat?


  • King's Road Cafe: Everything I've ordered here has been amazing, but my new favorite is the Chorizo Omelet (thank you to my good friend, Abby, for recommending it!)
  • Malibu Farm Pier Cafe
  • The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker (thanks for the reco Jaimie!)


  • Sqirl: Be prepared to wait in line for at least 30 minutes. But, I promise you the wait is WORTH IT! I recommend the Ricotta Toast (with rainbow jam) and the Sorrel Pesto Rice (add avocado).
  • Fresh Corn Grill: I always order the Fresh Corn Grilled Salad with either chicken or tofu, but have had some of their other menu items which are also delicious. Their chocolate chip cookies are also amazing and so gooey.


  • Pizzeria Mozza: You can't come here and not order a pizza! But, also try to save room for dessert because the Butterscotch Budino is to die for (thank you, Louise, for the reco!)
  • Jon + Vinny's: Marinara Braised Meatballs (these were recommended to me by multiple people and they did not disappoint), you also must order a pizza
  • Momed: Some of my favorites include Grandma's Chicken Soup, either of the Tajines, Modern Greek Salad (I love it with Chicken)
  • Taste on Melrose: I recommend the Cast Iron Roasted Chicken Breast, the "Kobe" Beef Meatballs Pasta and the Chopped Sabrosa Salad with Chicken
  • Petty Cash Taqueria: Guacamole (duh!), Rainbow Cauliflower Nachos, Al Pastor Tacos, Baja Fish Tacos
  • Sugarfish: You must get the Trust Me, trust me. My favorite thing to eat is the Salmon Sushi (those toasted sesame seeds though...)
  • Night + Market: Som Tum/Papaya Salad (spicy, but so delicious), Panang en neua (very rich so I recommend sharing with someone), Pad See Ew